-Kafun, the world’s favorite “whip” artist, will release the long-awaited first artbook on April 24!-

Sexy, cute and voluptuous!
Illustrator and manga artist Kafun’s long-awaited first art book.

Genkosha Ltd. will release 『かふん画集 かふん症候群』(Kafun Art Book: Kafun Syndrome) on Monday, April 24, 2023.

Kafun is a Japanese illustrator who specializes in illustrations of fleshy woman’s character.
He began creating illustrations around 2008, and his manga serialization, mainly on the web, has also been well received. He also contributed to the American indie comic “Kamen America,” which was well received.

This long-awaited first book features a total of 187 illustrations, including new drawings by the artist who is now inundated with “commissions” from fans all over the world, as well as revised versions of illustrations used on the covers, door pictures, and merchandise of his serialized manga.

『かふん画集 かふん症候群』(Kafun Art Book: Kafun Syndrome)
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Kafun Syndrome ー Original Illustrations

(On the left)【寿 “Kotobuki”】 (On the right)【鍵牢 “Kagirou” 】


(On the left)【ウィップテール “Whiptail”】 (On the right)【懲罰 “Choubatsu”】


(On the left)【蛸の局 “Takonotsubone”】 (On the right)【鬼ヶ口 “Onigaguchi”】


Kafun Syndrome ー IP Illsutrations

(On the left & right both)【レインボーグッズ(オーロラマルチケース)Rainbow goods “Aurora Multi Case” 】


Kafun Syndrome ー Making

【STEP1】Roughing – the core process of the work is described, along with the software used.

【STEP2】Line drawing work – the order in which to proceed and any modifications from the rough drawing. How to adjust the balance. How to apply solid black paint, etc. are introduced as key points.

【STEP3】Coloring work – Describes the order in which to proceed with the painting and the process for creating a three-dimensional effect. The key point is shading to increase the fleshiness that is characteristic of Kafun’s illustrations.

<About the Author>

Illustrator, Manga Artist.
Around 2008, he began posting illustrations on Pixiv and later published his manga works on his Twitter and blog. His essay-style manga 『かふん昔ばなし』”Kafun Mukashi Banashi” was published in book form by Media Factory in 2015 and serialized in ComicWalker (KADOKAWA) from July 20 of the same year to November 9, 2016. In addition, 『しんそつ七不思議』”Shinsuso Seven Wonders” and『死神!タヒーちゃん』 “Shinigami! Tahi-chan” on the となりのヤングジャンプ”Neighboring Young Jump” (Shueisha).

There is no doubt that this book will invite you to “Kafun Syndrome”.

In addition to more than 150 original works, including 16 works drawn for this book and more than 50 retouched works, cover illustrations of manga works, and illustrations used in various goods are also included in this book.
The making of the cover illustration and comments on each work has English translation, so you can fully immerse yourself in the world of Kafun.

Book title: 『かふん画集 かふん症候群』(Kafun Art Book: Kafun Syndrome)
Release date: Monday, April 24, 2023
Author: Kafun
Price: 2,700 Japanese Yen (plus tax)
Number of pages: 160
Size: 230 x 190 mm

『かふん画集 かふん症候群』(Kafun Art Book: Kafun Syndrome)
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